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It’s Official: Employee Wellness Is a “Scam” | Al Lewis

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Wellness damages employee morale and increases the cost of insurance…and that’s according to its supporters.  Really.  See It’s Official: Employee Wellness Is a “Scam” | Al Lewis.

And for some real chuckles, visit On the Even Lighter Side.   If you’re wondering how wellness vendors can be so stupid and dishonest and not lose their licenses, it’s because you don’t need a license to become an employee wellness vendor.


  1. Samiam says:

    That lighter side is a stitch. What a bunch of idiots. And they’re supposed to be taking care of our health? I would never trust any of these morons with my private information.


    • whynobodybelievesthenumbers says:

      Count yourself lucky if your company has only contracted with idiots to “play doctor” with you. Many companies contract with scoundrels, whose goal is to keep you from getting your money. You need to read the Huffpost and then explore this site.


  2. Daria says:

    The “idiots and morons” category would also include employees who don’t simply lie on the surveys. Do the minimum necessary to get the money and then be done with it.


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