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Rishi Manchanda: What makes us get sick? Look upstream | TED Talk |

From our friend and colleague, Tom Emerick, an interesting take on what really makes us sick.

Also check out Tom’s essay on this topic at Insurance Thought Leadership.

via Rishi Manchanda: What makes us get sick? Look upstream | TED Talk |

Beware: ‘Wellness’ May Be Hazardous to Your Health | Judith Feder

radioactive-147921_1280We are very pleased to have Judy Feder of Georgetown and Sam Bagenstos of Michigan join us in questioning the validity, integrity, logic, and privacy invasion behind workplace wellness programs.

Wellness programs that actually help people improve their health are a good thing. But privacy and protecting workers from job-based discrimination are good things too. Corporations and politicians should take care not to invoke ‘wellness’ in ways that weaken important civil rights protections and give employers license to snoop around in our medical records and our private lives. That would most definitely be bad for our health.

via Beware: ‘Wellness’ May Be Hazardous to Your Health | Judith Feder.

How CDC Sparked the Wellness Legend

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The modern antidote to wellness

792px-CDC_Preventing_Chronic_Diseases_DiabetesAl and I writing for Insurance Thought Leadership on the intellectually irresponsible claim that launched a million wellness initiatives.

This urban legend based on the CDC’s call to action, appearing verbatim more than a million times on Google, is among the single biggest causes of uncontrolled healthcare spending…and is responsible for essentially the entire wellness industry.

via How CDC Sparked the Wellness Legend.

Employers Should Disband Employee Weight Control Programs | AJMC

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What’s the most common mistake your employees make during doctor visits?

tape-403586_1280From our newly published paper in the American Journal of Managed Care:

There is no published evidence that large-scale corporate attempts to control employee body weight through financial incentives and penalties have generated savings from long-term weight loss, or a reduction in inpatient admissions associated with obesity or even long-term weight loss itself. Other evidence contradicts the hypothesis that population obesity rates meaningfully retard economic growth or manufacturing productivity.

via Employers Should Disband Employee Weight Control Programs | Page.

The CDC Needs a Lesson in Epidemiology 101

Aardvark_Bros._Truth_Serum_-_Brooklyn_Superhero_Supply_826NYCAl and I debunk the CDC’s lamentations about chronic disease, today at Insurance Thought Leadership.



True or false: CT scans use less radiation than conventional x-rays and are, therefore, safer.


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