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Not Running a Hospital

Many postings cover tough questions that healthcare companies or policymakers need to answer

Leapfrog Group

Ratings for hospitals. Like this site, unbiased

The Health Care Blog

All things health care, without bias

Cracking Health Costs

Identifies and highlights malfeasance in health care and how to avoid it

Vikram Khanna Health Consulting

Health and wellness strategic advice by a credentialed and highly experienced consultant and writer

DMPC Consulting

(formerly Disease Management Purchasing Consortium)

A much more extensive compendium of best and worst practices in wellness and disease management…and how to achieve the best

The Validation Institute

The exact opposite of They Said What?   This site identifies best vendors and consultants



Thought Leadership

The leading website for introducing new ideas in population health (and other topics) to the insurance brokerage and consulting communities

Salveo Partners

Dedicated to ushering true well-being into the workplace, and critiquing “wellness or else” programs

Health Economy

Perspectives on health care costs, population health and employee well-being specifically tailored to the human resources community

The Doctor Weighs In

All things health care, no bias, and sometimes very entertaining

The Population Health Blog

We don’t always agree but even people who get their news from Jon Stewart should occasionally watch Bill O’Reilly and vice-versa

In the immortal words of the great philosopher Pat Benatar, hit me with your best shot.

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