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The Smoking Guns

Final front cover

Aetna + their (non) response

American Heart Association, Staywell


Quizzify 4

What to do when wellness doesn’t work?

Central Maine Healthcare

C. Everett Koop National Health Award Committee,

Wellness Council of America, and Health Fitness Corporation + the Committee’s (non) response

Health Fitness Corporation

Healthstat + their (non) response

Healthiest You

HERO (installment 1installment 2, installment 3, installment 4, installment 5, installment 6, installment 7, installment 8a)

Interactive Health


Larry Chapman

Quizzify 3

What’s the answer to smart employee spending on medical care? Hint: it’s not this web page.


Milliman, Community Care of North Carolina

My Fitness Pal and My Fitness Pal, part deux


Pharos Innovations

Propeller Health + their (non) response

Ron Goetzel + his (non) response


SSM (Sisters of Saint Mary) of St. Louis (must-read blog post here)

Staywell, Mercer

Total Wellness

US Corporate Wellness

The Vitality Group + their response



Wellness Corporate Solutions

Wellnet (Undetected claims costs)

Wellnet (Trusted advisors)


When all else fails, make your people smarter.




  1. Ann McIntosh says:

    How did you choose who you sent the questionairre to? You didn’t send one to Optum, or any of the other UHC undercovers, how did you miss these? There are lots of others out there, I know your list is respectable, but it seems like some important ones are missing.


    • whynobodybelievesthenumbers says:

      Ann, good questions. The “questionnaires” are after someone has published something squirrelly. And it can’t just be plain-old squirrelly. It has to be off-the-charts squirrelly. At that point we read ’em and send out the questions along with an offer to pay $1000 for responsive answers. Since most of the questions are unanswerable (basically we’ve caught ’em lying), no one ever sends back answers and asks for their $1000. Some companies (as is allowed by the rules) then realize they made a big mistake, since we get a lot of hits, and change their mind. At that point, though, according the rules, we no longer pay them. They need to pay us to get off. I’m not saying whether Optum was or was not one of those, though.


  2. Ann McIntosh says:

    Thanks. We need to talk more!


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