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Don’t Be An Idiot

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To avoid making mistakes in outcomes measurements, read the three books on the topic and/or take one of the courses.

Cracking Health Costs details the worst and best opportunities in population health management.

Surviving Workplace Wellness with Your Dignity, Finances and (Major) Organs Intact is a hilarious compendium of some very serious lies and even health hazards perpetrated by the wellness industry, and shows readers how to identify and avoid them. Written with Vik Khanna, of Khanna On Health and The Health Care Blog.

Why Nobody Believes the Numbers: Separating Fact from Fiction in Population Health Management is the award-winning trade bestseller on outcomes measurement in all aspects of population health.

Further, another website offers certification by taking the course and test in Critical Outcomes Report Analysis and Advanced Critical Outcomes Report Analysis.  Or if you are in finance, you may obtain CE credit by taking this online course in outcomes measurement

Here are two books to read after you’ve finished reading (or at least finished paying for) ours.

First the Wall Street Journal and Economist award-winning The Big Fat Surprise. Besides being a great book on its own merits, you’ll get a sense of deja vu from our books.  Tthe same thing happened in nutrition sciences as happened in wellness:  some influential and loud people grabbed all the mikes and drowned out people who disagreed with their hasty conclusion about cholesterol and fat in the diet causing heart attacks.  That’s why you haven’t been eating eggs all these years.  It has nothing to do with the eggs themselves, which turn out to be quite good for you.  Second, the author does exactly what we do, which is, she read the actual studies in question showing the alleged harms of fat, as opposed to just reading the abstracts or Cliff Notes.  And upon close examination they tend to self-invalidate, just like every wellness study, albeit not as hilariously because nutrition scientists’ IQs contain that critical third digit.

Second, Jon Robison and Rosie Ward have published the “answer” to the problems we’ve identified, in How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work, which picks up where we leave off.  If our books expose the Goofuses, theirs shows how to become a Gallant.  We strongly recommend it as the next step after ours.

In the immortal words of the great philosopher Pat Benatar, hit me with your best shot.

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