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Validation Institute adds Linda Riddell as Validator

When I went on Jeopardy and my opponent (seen here) got the Daily Double right, I clapped.  It killed me because generally you don’t like your competitors to thrive, but, hey, it was national TV and you don’t want people — at least people who are not members of the Wellness Ignorati — to think you’re a jerk.

In the case of Linda Riddell becoming the second validator anointed by the Validation Institute and hence a “competitor” of mine, I am clapping but this time for real.  Linda is very smart, well-qualified educationally, and professionally she has whizzed through all the certifications needed to reach this level.

I welcome her “competition” and look forward to other consultants of her caliber following in our paths.

PS  I lost.  Bad draw.  My opponent, Bob Verini, went on to win the Tournament of Champions and then within the last year or so became the 80s decade TOC winner.  Lucky I didn’t give up my day job.

Al Lewis

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