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Did you know 100% of your employees have chronic disease? Wellsource says so!


Short Summary of Company:

“Wellsource pioneered the concept of computer-assisted wellness. Today, more than 30 years later, Wellsource continues to offer innovative, evidence-based health assessments and online wellness tools that improve lives and contribute to a healthy bottom line.”

Materials being reviewed:

wellsource stats

wellsource stats part 2

Questions for Wellsource

How is it that 100% of the employees at this company have a chronic disease?

ANS: Refused to answer

If “cancer” were a chronic disease as you claim it is, like diabetes or heart disease or asthma, how come no one ever says:  “I have lung cancer, but my doctor says we’re staying on top of it”?

ANS: Refused to answer

If “stroke” were a chronic disease as you claim it is, how come every minute you don’t get to the ER following a stroke increases the odds you’ll end up like the Kardashians?   Wouldn’t “stroke” be the epitome of an acute event rather than a chronic disease?

ANS: Refused to answer

If all these people are so sick, how come the largest opportunity per employee to save money ($40,000/employee!) is to get a few more people to buckle their seatbelts 100% of the time instead of 95% of the time?

ANS: Refused to answer

Speaking of seat belts, does it increase your credibility with potential purchasers that seat belt use is expressed the wrong way (96% buckle, meaning the correct figure to enter here would be  “4%,” the ones who don’t always buckle)?

ANS: Refused to answer

If a whopping 89% of your employees have high blood pressure as defined by 140/90, do you think there is a chance you made a mistake in measuring this variable?

ANS: Refused to answer

How can you save $6154.28 per employee in health spending just on these items when the average employee doesn’t spend $6154.28 in healthcare costs altogether?

ANS: Refused to answer

How is this $6154.28 savings/employee figure (expressed in your materials as $615,428 for the 100 employees in this company)  consistent with sourcing Steve Aldana, who claims that you always save $1358.85 per employee, whether you get a 0% improvement or a 100% improvement in risk factors?

ANS: Refused to answer

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