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Please excuse my unexcused absence

I’ve been out of the country, in Switzerland.  Interesting place. Their infrastructure is falling apart, there’s a lot of poverty, and there is litter everywhere, but the good news is, no one smokes and it’s a very affordable place to visit. (Not, not, not, not, and you’ve got to be kidding.)

There is more good stuff coming this summer, though probably every other week rather than twice a week.


Did Fitbit just do something, um, illegal?

In wellness, it is perfectly legal to lie to customers and prospects. That’s in most vendors’ DNA.*  (Not all vendors — we will soon be publishing an expanded list of honest ones, and for now would direct readers to for the original list of honest ones.)

However, if you are a public company, it is quite illegal to lie to shareholders. It’s possible Fitbit did just that. If they did, they could face major SEC sanctions.

Did that just happen? Read this link and then you make the call.

PS This is the sequel to Springbuk Wants Employees to Go to the Bathroom, which should be read in conjunction with this link.

*The irony is that one of the biggest liars specializes in collecting employee DNA and then pretending that they can save a ton of money by getting employees to lose weight by telling them it’s pretty darn impossible to lose weight, because they have a gene for obesity. Yes, you read that right and, no, it doesn’t make any sense.

Update: The link was removed at Fitbit’s request.  In a couple of weeks they will defend this report and explain why they or Springbuk never responded to the requests I made for more information before publishing it.  Good luck with that.

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