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Wellness Corporate Solutions Gives Us a Dose of Much-Needed Criticism

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Oh, when bad things happen to good bloggers…

Shame on us!   Here’s what Wellness Corporate Solutions had to say about our observations of the wellness industry:

wcs--response to skeptics

And, in all fairness, when we went to the Wellness Corporate Solutions website, we felt quite chastened.  Their website was a breath of fresh air, taking the rest of the industry to task for expecting “instant cost savings,” noting that a “focus on ROI is short-sighted.”

wcs--roi philsophy

Further, they are totally opposed to wacky crash diets, of the type that 8-week weight loss “challenges” inspire, that cause abnormally large weight swings   As most people know by now, those may be harmful and are of course ineffective at long-term weight control.  The weight is likely to be regained and then some.  Plus contestants often binge before the initial weigh-ins to maximize contest weight loss.  That’s why Wellness Corporate Solutions quite appropriately says “stop dieting,” and “avoid making unreasonable weight loss goals.”  And “banish weight-obsessive thoughts.”

We were also thrilled to see that they “respect and appreciate size diversity” because “size prejudice hurts us all.”

wcs-celebrating fat

Finally, a company that has done enough research to realize that you can’t save money instantly by getting employees to crash-diet for 8 weeks! How exciting is that – we discovered a wellness vendor with access to Google!

Unfortunately, perhaps along the way someone at Corporate Wellness Solutions must have failed to “respect and appreciate the size diversity” of a certain Kim Jung Un, because the North Koreans appear to have hacked into their website and announced:  a program that saves money instantly by getting employees to crash-diet for 8 weeks.

wcs-weight loss challenge

Quizzify 4

How many of your employees know the difference between a deductible and a copayment?

Naturally, this being a wellness vendor, the savings are made up.  If 20% of your employees achieve a “healthy” BMI (a statement which by itself is open to a great deal of debate, since recent research overwhelmingly says it’s better to be fit and fat than to lose weight and not keep it off), for a company to reduce its total cost by 20% means that the costs for each employee who lost the weight would have to fall 100%.

And naturally, being a wellness vendor, they don’t stop there.  It’s part of wellness vendor DNA to ignore US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations, while saying they abide by them.   In this case, they are doing both thyroid screens (not recommended) and PSA tests (emphatically not recommended).


And, naturally, being a wellness vendor, there is no concept of learning.  They did exactly the same thing that ShapeUp, Ron “the Pretzel” Goetzel, Wellsteps and others have done, which is failing to realize that we bite back.  Actually, we don’t bite back as much as we allow these geniuses to bite themselves back.  The wellness ignorati invariably self-immolate in the attempt to criticize us.  Hence our mantra:  “In wellness you don’t need to challenge the data to invalidate it.  You merely need to read the data.  It will invalidate itself.”

However, there is some good news about Wellness Corporate Solutions: NASA employees don’t need to worry about their job security, because these people are not rocket scientists.



  1. Kenwall says:

    If you didn’t always use the screen shots I’d swear you were making this stuff up. “Dan” is right in his comment — Wellness truly a target rich environment,


  2. Mitch says:

    It is refreshing to see then acknowledgefalse claims of cost savings and even mention of size diversity. But they still have a long way to go but shorter than their competitors perhaps?


    • whynobodybelievesthenumbers says:

      Well, if they had just SAID the right things and left it at that…

      But naturally they turned around and did the opposite — bragged about their biggest loser contest reducing contestant healthcare claims costs to $0 in eight weeks. And the PSA test. And of course criticizing Vik and me. Really our only complaint about that was they were too cowardly to use our names, and/or realized that if they did use our names someone might google the names and read our “shrill” commentary and realize that Wellness Corporate Solutions, like every other vendor, is making up their numbers — and harming employees who actually take their advice and get a PSA.


  3. Chris in Detroit says:

    Sadly we’re just seeing what the marketplace demands. 1. I want warm and fuzzy word, with sweeping humanistic slogans, and 2. Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, MONEY!

    Even the well meaning businesses who want a wellness program as part of a positive workplace culture ultimately end up looking for hard numbers either as a means of comparison or a measure of success.


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  5. […] wellness vendor even acknowledges the shame of fat-shaming. Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) says: “Respect and appreciate size diversity. Recognize that size prejudice hurts us […]


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