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Our Number 1 posting ever: The Wellness ROI Calculator

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Our most widely read blog post offers a free Wellness ROI calculator.  It’s been getting hit after hit in the weeks we’ve had it up.  Further, no one has found any mistakes in it, which is unique in the ROI calculator field.  (The Brand X ROI calculator — we won’t mention any names but it rhymes with Wellsteps — is nothing but a mistake, since if you zero out inflation, their model always shows $1359/employee in savings by 2020.)

If you missed it (meaning ours), this is a good opportunity to download it and use it yourselves.

Here is the link directly to the calculator.  You still need to scroll down, though, to the June 30 posting.


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  1. […] or less on wellness than $1.50 PMPM, or saving more or less than $0.99 PMPM on PPHs. (You can use this free tool we created to replicate this analysis in your own […]


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