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You Too Can Become a Wellness Vendor…in Just 5 Days

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Anyone care to become a wellness vendor?  Good news:  you can buy a wellness franchise from Star Wellness without knowing a single thing about healthcare…

star wellness franchise questions --medical background

…as long as you have your checkbook handy.

star wellness franchise investment

They do, however, recommend a background in sales, finance, or municipal administration.

The other good news — for you salespeople, financiers, or city managers — is that Star Wellness will teach you everything you need to know about wellness:

star wellness five days

Yes, in five days you too can learn everything that Star Wellness knows, like how to ignore USPSTF guidelines, which is one category in which Star leads the industry.  (One place they lag is reading comprehension, since we have already pointed out that most of what they propose is more likely to harm employees than benefit them…and yet they continue to advertise these hazardous screens.)

In addition to “up to” 5 days in the classroom, franchisees also get 3 days of on-the job training.  So in case anyone is keeping score at home:

  • Training required to get a job as a wellness vendor:  8 days
  • Training required to get a job as a housekeeper at the Four Seasons:  10 days

This intensive training has captured the attention of WELCOA, which has named Star a Premier Provider:

star wellness --WELCOA

WELCOA has very high standards, as we have noted on They Said What.  One thing they excel at is spelling the name of their founder, assuming their founder invented the all-you-can-eat self-service restaurant.

welcoa warren buffet

A commitment to excellence, like that displayed by Star Wellness and WELCOA, might explain why employers have gone all-in on the notion that teaching employees, for example, to drink eight glasses of water a day will reduce healthcare costs, and also increase productivity, at least between trips to the water coolers and the rest rooms.

You’d learn far more than the typical wellness vendor knows about wellness simply by taking the Quizzify quiz.  You’d learn more just by taking the demo quiz on the landing page.

Heck, you’d learn more just by reading the Quizzify landing page itself.





  1. Kraemer says:

    Some of your best work! I was worried that you were getting too serious. You need to balance both kinds of posts. We want your refreshing takedowns of the crooks in this industry, but we also want your helpful information.


  2. Mitch says:

    The comparison to Four seasons is not fair. FS actually teaches their people something, and have discerning clients.


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