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Catch up on all the wellness news that WELCOA censors.

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

We’ve added a number of recent news items to our “In the News” feature.  Real news of the kind that real people might read if they want real information.  Hence this is news you won’t find on other wellness websites, which only publish rally-the-base propaganda.  (Really–see if you can find a single site that thinks the New York Times’ articles on wellness are worthy of mention.)

Most recently, Michael Prager did an interview with me in which he called me a “Corporate Wellness Leader.” I’ve been called a lot of things but never that.  So, which is it?  Bully?  Jerk?  Corporate Wellness Leader?  Or all three.  You make the call.

Earlier this week, the Society for Human Resources Management published a great article on the hazards of overscreening. Kudos to Stephanie Pronk of AonHewitt for stepping up with some very thoughtful comments.  On the other hand, the National Business Group on Health, which, a la Walter White, has devolved from an important player in DC to a trade group of wellness vendors determined to hold back the tides, still supports overscreening today, overscreening tomorrow, overscreening forever.

Last month, in case you missed it (and you did, since it is subscription-only and online copies aren’t even available), The Bloomberg BNA Health Care Report absolutely eviscerated this scam. Literally, all you need to know about fabricated data and employee harms is in these 1500 words, summarized and linked here.



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