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Read what Actual People Say about Workplace Wellness

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Visit this website,  Read the posting, and then go to the list of the people working with them.   What you’ll see — uniquely in this field — is no one in this group has an ax to grind.  There are no “hidden agendas” trying to push people into various wellness or diet programs.

Quite the contrary, these are real, qualified, dedicated people.  And they are driven by science and evidence, as opposed to profit. Their mission is to bring science to bear to the subject of food, health, and obesity.  They wish to educate people that:

(1) Being overweight/obese is not a personal failing, but rather is driven by a set of variables that are far more complex than the wellness industry could ever understand;

(2) Calories in-calories out may work as math–but biochemistry isn’t math, and that’s what the wellness industry doesn’t understand;

(3) Paying people to lose weight, telling them that they just have to “work harder” at it, or “change their attitude” etc. are failed solutions.

Naturally they have no use for the workplace wellness industry…and especially for the Johnson & Johnson “Fat Tax,” which we recently deconstructed in Harvard Business Review.

Read for yourself.

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  1. Bob says:

    I like this post and the point about biology and math.

    Regarding your point, “(2) Calories in-calories out may work as math–but biochemistry isn’t math, and that’s what the wellness industry…”, I have heard a good supportive analogy from a brilliant Physician friend about furnaces you might like. He reminds us “the human body is not a furnace.” A calorimeter is a tiny, simplistic furnace invented in 1782. Today’s scientists promoting caloric deficits alone, as a key to weight loss, are still stuck in the 18th century!

    Calorimeters detect the number of calories in a piece of tree bark the same way as with an Oreo cookie, but obviously we would absorb and process those calories very differently if we ate both. Furnaces are all about interesting but irrelevant math. We are not furnaces bound solely to the laws of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics are one small part of the complex metabolic equations regulating obesity, yet they are the ONLY law governing furnaces.


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