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Wellness Vendor Definition of “Empathy”

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Recently I pointed out how Wellsteps’ Troy Adams feels about overweight and obese employees and how they got that way: “It’s fun to get fat. It’s fun to be lazy.” Those who read that post may recall it received quite a number of comments, which I helpfully added right to the post.

While Mr. Adams is an extreme example, it came to my attention — and to Jon Robison’s attention — that other wellness vendors have been equally dismissive and disrespectful of employees, using words to describe them more appropriate to herding animals.  Jon and I just posted a Linkedin Pulse on this topic.

PS  I’m sure there are coaches — and I am pleased to know many of them — who would never say things like this about their clients.  If you are one of those coaches, feel free to identify yourself as such on the Pulse.


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