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From the Special Reserve Collection: A Look at Some of the Wellness Industry’s Defining Moments

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

No new postings for a few days, for personal family reasons. Yes, I know it’s not always about me but my daughter’s getting married Saturday. Your reward for scrolling through this pukey proud-father’s-pictures-of-daughter stuff is that you can then be regaled with one of the wellness industry’s greatest hits.

libbypooling and Geoff libbypooling and Geoff in Europe libbypooling dancing libbypooling teaching

And now, as promised, a gem from my Special Reserve Collection: A blogger talking about how bad wellness is, how his colleagues roll their eyes when he mentions it, how it’s “low-value care,” etc.

You might say, “So what else is new?”

New? New? You want new?  Here’s what’s new: This blogger’s organization (Altarum Institute) is represented on Mr. Goetzel’s Koop Award Committee. Or they were, but no longer. The problem that apparently Mr. Goetzel hadn’t considered is, when you invite an organization into your little cabal known for its integrity, there is always the chance that they will display integrity.

So needless to say, the two organizations had a parting of the ways, because while integrity Altarum’s hallmark, it’s one of the Koop Award Committee’s five worst nightmares. In case you’re keeping score at home, the other four are:

  1. Facts
  2. Validity
  3. Math
  4. Me



  1. Mitch Collins says:

    Al: Congratulations. Hopefully the son-in-law: -Is not in the wellness industry -Is not related to or otherwise affiliated with Ron Enjoy. Cry a little. Dance. Then drink too much.


    • whynobodybelievesthenumbers says:

      Ironically, he DOES have Type 1 Diabetes, that apparently his wellness coach (he was referred to coaching because he said he had diabetes) was not familiar with. (“You’re in really good shape. Your BMI is so low. How did you get diabetes?”) Come to think of it, this is a great idea for a post.


  2. Doug Paden says:

    Congratulations on the wedding. I have a daughter (was a dancer) and would be a proud dad also! Looks like the start of a great family…enjoy the day and remind her she’ll always be your “little girl”.


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