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A great big “thank you” to Employee Benefit News

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Occasionally our posts are totally pukey and I’m afraid this is one of them.  

Employee Benefit News just listed Cracking Health Costs as one of their must-reads for benefits professionals for Summer 2016. So we have to do the thing which we hate doing most on They Said What, which is be polite.  So, thank you to Employee Benefit News.  (Cracking Health Costs, along with its companion, the trade-bestselling Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, can be purchased on Amazon by clicking through on the titles.)

As long as we are thanking Employee Benefit News and purging our system of excess politeness, we gotta give them two thumbs up for publishing “Why Employers Should Ditch Biggest Loser Contests.”  We received about 28 inquiries from that one. This is helpful for the unique Quizzify sales strategy, which is to strategically sit around and wait for the phone to ring. And it did. And it does.  (Not throwing a lot of money at sales and marketing allows us to keep costs and prices down.)

And we are very grateful to everyone who has been contacting us both from that article and others…but not half as grateful as you will be when you implement a program that employees actually like so much that they don’t call you to whine about it.

That may not appear to be a resounding statement of confidence in our own offering. However, we are in the “integrity segment,” which means we can’t lie. Plus, in the wellness field, no other company can claim ALL of the following: decent participation with modest incentives, good feedback, few/no complaints, the moniker of the leading medical school (Harvard), and the Validation Institute-validated guaranteed certainty of actual savings.

Actually no other company can claim more than one or two of those.  But that doesn’t stop them.

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  1. Tom Emerick says:

    Great news Al.


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