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Right-wing media attacks “pry, poke and prod” programs

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Who says the country is hopelessly divided along partisan lines?  Yes, the liberal lamestream media attacks wellness. (Most recently Slate.) That is to be expected. Sheesh!  But here is Laura Ingraham’s blog taking on wellness.

The author, Pat Barone, observes the discrimination, invasion of privacy, and lack of regulation and oversight — along with the total hypocrisy of relabeling “forced” as “voluntary.” This is easily the best of the AARP lawsuit articles, because it puts the lawsuit in the context of “pry, poke and prod” programs generally.  As one member of the TheySaidWhat? Nation, Mitch Collins, often writes: “This should be required reading in HR departments.”

This is not the only example of the right-wing media attacking wellness. Newsmax, the Federalist and others have done so as well. A complete listing of all media coverage of wellness is here.

It’s nice to know that the two sides are willing to reach across the aisle on this one, if only to strangle the legislators of both parties who have been bought off by the Business Roundtable.

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  1. Mitch Collins says:

    A proud member of the nation at that!


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