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10 Reasons Employees Hate Wellness Programs

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

In keeping with my New Years resolution to be more positive (and not like: “I’m positive that the board of HERO knows they are liars” — which, by the way, I am, and which they are, and which will be the subject of a future posting), I would like to recommend an outstanding posting by Romy Antoine on Linkedin.  No, I didn’t know who he was either…but I do now, and you should too. He exemplifies the next generation of talent in this field.

He lists 10 reasons employees hate “pry, poke and prod” wellness programs. (Just in case you are keeping score at home, zero of those reasons would apply to Quizzify — and that’s not an accident.)  I found myself nodding at every single one.  You may be able to address some of these, but if there is one thing that Ron Goetzel and I agree on besides the sun rising in the east, it’s that wellness is, to use his words from our debate, very very hard to do right, which is why, to use his words again, thousands of programs fail while only 100 succeed.

Oh, and here is a reason employees might not hate your wellness program: according to Employee Benefit News: they don’t know it exists.

80% said their wellness program has had a positive effect on employee health and productivity and 70% said it has had a positive effect on health care costs. However, the data released by the Transamerica Center for Health Studies also showed a significant number of employees did not know their company had a wellness program.

Yes, I know it isn’t always about me (my first wife was quite clear on that point), and, yes, I know it isn’t always about Quizzify, but Quizzify can customize questions to educate your employees on your wellness offerings, so at least they’ll know your program exists. And hopefully they won’t hate it when they do.


  1. temerick479 says:

    Al, I’d like to see you post names of HERO board members.


  2. Romy Antoine says:

    Thanks for the wonderful words Al, I really appreciate it!


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