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Come heckle Al Lewis.

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Here is a clip-and-save posting with some of my presentations open to the public this year, starting next month. T

Because all will offer extensive Q&A, they provide a chance for the wellness empire to strike back, but if history is any indication, the only direction in which they will strike is out. (There are, of course, exceptions, some great wellness vendors, that we will highlight in upcoming postings.)

March 27th, Philadelphia, PA.

17th Annual Population Health Colloquium.  This interactive workshop will provide the opportunity to not just listen to me drone on, side by side with Linda Riddell, but also to tackle some squirrelly outcomes reports (is there any other kind?) yourselves, in a team-building exercise like no other.  I’ll play the role of the vendor, and you play the role of me and demonstrate how dishonest my reports are.  In this roleplay, you’ll point out why I should be completely ashamed of myself for lying. But, since I’m playing the vendor, I won’t apologize even after I’ve been caught.

This session also provides the most cost-effective near-term opportunity for earning Critical Outcomes Report Analysis certification from the Validation Institute.

And stay tuned for more upcoming opportunities…

May 18, Canton Ohio. the Employers Health Coalition is hosting its annual symposium. I’ll be doing “Wellness Outcomes for Dummies…and Smarties.”

September 12, also in Philadelphia as luck would have it, for the Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health’s Annual Wellness Summit. (Philadelphia is apparently a hotbed of validity.)  Watch this space.  This will be an entertaining event, featuring a healthcare trivia contest and possibly a wellness presentation as well.

September 27th.  The Rock Stars of Health Summit. This is going to be an amazing show, featuring an appearance by a guy who should be and probably will be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to be held at the picturesque campus of the University of Montana, in Missoula.  I’ll be doing both a complete long-version Wellness Outcomes for Dummies…and Smarties workshop as well as a Quizzify trivia contest-and-presentation.  If you really want to heckle me, this is the place, because Montana is open-carry.

October 2 and October 3, Los Angeles, CA. The Employee Healthcare and Benefits Congress, courtesy of the Corporate Health and Wellness Association.  Those who attended last year’s conference in DC were treated to a great show. (Plus if you played your cards right all your meals were free.)  Once again, it appears there’s going to be a twofer — both a trivia contest and a (possible) in-depth precon on wellness outcomes measurement.



  1. Mitch Collins says:

    Al: I look forward to seeing you later this month. Hopefully we can see each other in September as well. Keep up the fight. America needs citizens like you. Mitch


  2. Aaron Witwer says:

    PSA: It looks like a better link for the Rock Stars of Health Summit is:

    Missoula is beautiful that time of year, right?! 😉


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