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Top Ten Things Wellness Vendors Don’t Know about Employee Weight

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Because I didn’t mention any names, I published this one on the Corporate Health and Wellness Association blog. So you’ll have to click through. SPOILER ALERT: the bad news is that there are a boatload of things — 10, to be exact — that wellness vendors don’t know about BMI.

The good news is, there some things wellness vendors do know about BMI, like how to spell it.  This is a big accomplishment, because spelling is right up there — along with arithmetic, integrity, behavior change, and of course wellness itself — on the list of things that most befuddle wellness vendors. We’ve chronicled many examples, such as Wellsteps’ Steve Aldana calling award-winning journalist Sharon Begley a “lier.”

Our favorite:


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  1. Sam Lippe says:

    Funny–I had to look twice.


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