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5 Ways Diabetes Vendors Snooker Employers

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Hate to knock Interactive Health off the front page, but this just in

The bullet points are that diabetes vendors claims credit for savings based on:

  1. Squirrelly “predictive modeling” of cost reductions that have not yet occurred
  2. Assuming employees pre-diabetes would almost immediately turn into high-cost diabetics absent their intervention
  3. Comparing participants to non-participants (why are vendors still pretending this is a thing?)
  4. Claiming that people are going to keep their weight off
  5. Lying

This doesn’t cover their other sleight-of-hand, which is charging via claims instead of admin fees, and positioning that opacity as a feature rather than a bug.

Here is the link to the whole ball of wax.

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  1. williammcpeck says:

    Very unfortunate to see this happening. Diabetes is maybe the one chronic disease where we have the evidence that behavior and lifestyle change and management can actually prevent the disease from materializing. For many of the other chronic diseases we cannot prove on an individual level that we prevented anything. All we can show is that we can reduce risks.


    • whynobodybelievesthenumbers says:

      in fairness, there could be a pony in here but you’d have to dig pretty far into the pile to find it.


      • drjonrobison says:

        Yes – and not sure about the prevention thing – delay is probably a more accurate term at this time – Dr. Jon


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