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What is the single most unnoticed corona risk?

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Dear They Said What Nation,

We are all corona all the time now.

Here is our latest coronaquiz, and all our previous coronaquizzes, now all in one place.  These are all freely sharable (with attribution, please) to get the word out. This latest quiz covers, among other things, the unexpected greatest hazard of grocery-shopping. Normally we would tease this to get more click-throughs, but we are actually going to give you the answer here both because desperate times call for desperate measures and also we are already getting tons of click-throughs.

The answer is: the handle of the shopping cart. Imagine how many other people have been grasping that handle all day. You’re distancing yourself from other shoppers, using self-checkout, shopping at off-hours…and yet you are physically embracing the #1 item — hard plastic — where the virus survives the longest.

Fortunately, for just that reason, my local Stop & Shop thoughtfully provides a dispenser of wipes…

…so you can disinfect your hands before you wheel your cart out into the parking lot.

In my opinion, it would also be helpful if the dispenser actually contained wipes, but maybe that’s just me.

A special shout-out to the organizations that have stepped it up in this crisis by making these quizzes easily available to members

Among wellness vendors, these quizzes are being made easily available by Sonic Boom and US Preventive Medicine. (Now let’s not always see the same hands.)

Among wellness trade and professional organizations, by National Wellness Institute and WELCOA. (HERO is apparently still pursuing a more traditionally broccoli-centric agenda, though they did thank us graciously for our offer to share our quizzes with their members. Not.)

But the biggest shout-out goes to Melissa Burkhart and the gang at Futurosolido.  At considerable expense, they have made Spanish versions of the first two quizzes available on Quizzify and their own websites.


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  1. Mitch Collins says:

    Al, the world needs more people like you. Keep up the great work. 


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