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Are you wearing the wrong mask?

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

New research shows two popular masks are probably worse than none at all.

This research was conducted by a team of researchers at Duke University, including a professor of physics, chemistry, radiology and also biomedical engineering, the type of guy you would have wanted on your side last time you played Trivial Pursuit against a team of Nobel Prizewinners.

For a second opinion, join our webinar August 25th at 1 PM EDT, featuring COVID Uber-Expert Dr Ian Lipkin (yes, the same Dr. Ian Lipkin you’ve seen on every major network in th last few months), in a virtual open-mike Q&A session covering this and every other COVID-related topic.

First, the good news. The tried-and-true disposable surgical mask is indeed effective. Those little blue ones that you hook to your ears do the job. 100,000 surgeons can’t be wrong.

Not all the mask news is good, though. At least one popular design turns out to be worse than no mask at all.

To read more, visit the latest blog post on Quizzify.

Since you’ve probably already clicked through once, from Linkedin, I’m not gonna make you click through again to Quizzify. I’ll just give you the answer. It’s those “neck gaiters” favored by runners. The reason I’m not simply repeating the entire Quizzify blog post here is that you can’t just copy-and-paste a blog post. You have to re-upload all the images in a multistep process for each image. Life is too short.

Got more questions?  Join that webinar on August 25th!  Get your questions in early to to make sure they get answered.


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