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“Overcoming Employee Vaccine Hesitancy” webinar now features CDC guru!

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Until now, the word “emergency” has never been used to modify the word “webinar.” 

But this April 7th webinar is kinda sorta an emergency, by webinar standards.  COVID vaccine hesitancy could derail your entire return-to-work effort by polarizing your workforce. This topic is not just clickbait for Quizzify to get more business (though that too). It’s been widely reported in the last several weeks:

Employee Benefit News (“Vaccine misinformation is a hurdle”)
The New England Journal of Medicine (“Overcoming COVID vaccine hesitancy”)
The National Library of Medicine (“A Challenge the US must overcome”)

But the good news comes from a widely reported focus group of vaccine skeptics. 19 out of 20 of them changed their minds after learning more from objective sources. One said: “We want to be educated, not indoctrinated.”

And this simple 45-minute webinar —Wednesday, April 7 at 1 PM EDT — will show you how to do exactly that, starting now. Plus, you yourself can test your COVID vaccine IQ in real time with a few of our “Vaccine Mythbusters” questions.

The Expert Panel

We are featuring two Experts, with a capital “E,” to address your questions, Dr. Christa-Marie Singleton and Dr. Scott Conard. In any ordinary webinar, Scott would get top billing…but this is no ordinary webinar.

Dr. Singleton is the Associate Director for Science and Science Lead in the CDC’s COVID-19 Response Chief Health Equity Office. She is also the Senior Medical Advisor in the CDC’s Population Health and Healthcare Office where she serves as the senior medical advisor regarding planning with commercial insurer partners and physician providers. In terms of COVID and the COVID vaccine, she works with teams to include health equity principles in science-related projects and improve the impact of COVID in disproportionally affected populations.

She will be joined by Dr. Scott Conard. One of the country’s best-known practicing family physicians and Linkedin commentators, Dr. Conard also serves as Medical Director for corporations and regional benefit coalitions. As such, he will apply his unparalleled understanding of the intersection of corporate communications with employee/patient concerns to show attendees how to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

Register here.

Or you could just cut to the chase and contact us about getting started with the full set of questions posthaste.

In the immortal words of the great philosopher Pat Benatar, hit me with your best shot.

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