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Presenting Chris Deacon…Unplugged! (Webinar 01/06 1 PM EST)

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Chris Deacon is going to give us the inside scoop on the successes and challenges in managing the highest-visibility health benefit in the country north of Bentonville (That would be the state of New Jersey and its 820,000 employees!)…and what she learned and we can learn from her experience.

Specifically, she will cover three initiatives that we all agree should reduce spend and likely improve outcomes, but which come with their own set of hurdles:

(1) Enabling advanced primary care
(2) PBMs
(3) Compiling your data in-house and knowing how to use it

Then she will discuss the challenges of each. Sometimes your TPA, broker, consultant or (in the case of public sector entities) politicians will be supportive. Other times they won’t be. A lot of money is changing hands and suffice it to say not all of it is transparent.

But as an attorney, she knows how to use ERISA (and now also the Consolidated Appropriations Act) to demand data, transparency and value. And in this webinar, Chris will share those secrets with you!

Register here. The webinar will be available afterwards to peopel who register ahead of time.


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