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A Terrible Holiday Gift for Colleagues You Can’t Stand

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Now is the time to beat the mad rush to the remainder bin and order Surviving Workplace Wellness…with Your Dignity, Finances, and (major) Organs Intact


27 5-star reviews. NO wellness program has that! Buy two now!

This is the book that gave us memorable words and phrases like hyperdiagnosis and the wellness ignorati, along with the prescient and durable mantras:

  1. “In wellness, you don’t have to challenge the data to invalidate it.  You merely have to read the data.  It will invalidate itself.”
  2. “Wellness vendors aim to make your employees happy whether they like it or not.”

Here are the chapter headings:

  • Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Wellness
  • Why Your Employer Is Playing Doctor
  • The Health Risk Assessment Will See You Now
  • First, Do Harm: How Wellness Screens Can Be Hazardous to
    Your Health
  • Penn State’s Pound of Prevention
  • It’s Time for the Wellness Industry to Admit to Doping
  • So Many Lies, So Few Trees: Nebraska’s State Employee
    Wellness Program
  • Really Good Wellness Programs at Companies You Don’t Work For
  • Dr. Aetna Is In
  • Bibliography, Acknowledgments, About the Authors, and Other Stuff No One Reads

And if you hate this blog, we guarantee you’ll despise the book.

Ordering information:


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