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Rex Miller Kills It at WELCOA!

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Wellness vendors may dislike facts, but apparently wellness coaches embrace them, when presented from their viewpoint. At WELCOA last month, Rex Miller presented on why 95% of wellness programs don’t and can’t work…and three strategies which should yield much better results.  (He likely gets more plaudits than I do because my observations are misperceived as dissing coaches, whereas I am trying to dis a system in which wellness vendors snooker employers.)

Even though he is viewed as being “anti-wellness,” he (like me) is better described as “anti-stupid,” which puts him (like me) in the crosshairs of many wellness vendors.  Hence his book, The Healthy Workplace Nudge, has not gotten him invited to speak at HERO or NBGH.  WELCOA, on the other hand, pleased to provide a forum for disruptors.

I have heard from multiple sources that his presentation was very well-received, largely because wellness coaches were relieved to learn that they are not alone in the universe as being frustrated by the constraints of the wellness vendor universe, where measuring outcomes and checking off boxes are more important than actually finding employees who need and appreciate the help and spending adequate time with those employees.

I would urge people to look at the video of the session. You need to sign in, but that takes all of two minutes.


  1. The key business issues every leader needs to know about the current and growing health crisis.
  2. Why 95% of wellness programs don’t and won’t work.
  3. Why 2013 became a catalyst for a new revolution in workplace health and well-being.
  4. The three strategies that are proven to work for 100% of your employees, every day.


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