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A “cure” for surprise medical billing? Webinar featuring Dr. Marty Makary

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Attention, employers with wellness programs: this is bigger than broccoli. 

No employee bankruptcy has ever been attributed to a broccoli deficiency. By contrast, surprise medical bills like this one are the #1 source of bankruptcies, wage garnishments and lawsuits against employees. You may have a stress management vendor and a financial wellness vendor, But their programs don’t cover the #1 source of avoidable stress related to financial wellness, for the simple reason that they don’t know how.

The Validation Institute to the rescue.

The Validation Institute is doing a webinar describing an actual cure for employee surprise medical bills for emergency visits and admits. it features the leading experts in pricing and surprise billing, including the bestselling author of The Price We Pay, Dr. Marty Makary. Here is the invitation.

October 31st webinar featuring bestselling author Dr. Marty Makary:  A “cure” for employees’ surprise medical bills

You think Halloween is scary? Try surprise medical bills. That’s the subject of this groundbreaking October 31st webinar (register here).

Surprise bills may or may not be the #1 source of workplace stress – but they are certainly the #1 avoidable source of workplace stress. 57% of Americans report receiving one on the last five years. If you have not received complaints from employees about them, or noticed wages being garnished by providers, that’s probably because your health benefit is so generous that you are paying these bills without realizing it…inflating your own costs unnecessarily.

And yet there is a “cure,” at least for surprise bills related to emergency visits and admissions. The Validation Institute and Health Rosetta have assembled what they call the “dream team” of experts in pricing and consent-to-treatment to show you – in a mere hour – how to put the kibosh on this scourge. Presenters include:

Attendees will be able to begin solving the surprise medical bills problem within weeks or even days.  If you combine Quizzify’s quizzes with the solution as described in the webinar, it will do to surprise medical bills for emergency care what garlic does to vampires.

Here’s the link to the October 31 webinar registration.



  1. Sam Lippe says:

    I had a ridiculous $5500 bill for a few stitches — just went to the closest place when I was traveling. I paid $1100 of it — about $110/stitch. Never heard boo from my insurance, assume they paid the rest without looking twice at it.


  2. Matt Henderson says:

    I accompanied my wife when she needed an ultrasound breast exam. Upon check-in they noticed our unmet $6k deductible and told us they’d give us 75% discount IF WE DIDN’T use our insurance but she needed to know prior to paperwork processing. Insurance rate was $975. We paid less than $250 with ‘self pay’. So we didn’t even utilize the insurance that we pay for every two weeks. What’s really going on here?


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