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Surprise billing podcast!

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Dear TheySaidWhat Nation,

Occasionally we like to provide actual useful information on what to do, as opposed to what not to do.  If it seems like there is vastly more of the latter than the former, that’s because there is.

However, one dramatic gap in the useful information category is how to avoid surprise bills. We’ve written on this topic before, and even offered the free download into the Apple Wallet, as well as cards to be placed strategically where emergencies are most likely. Bikes and motorcycles come to mind. Parachutes as well but if you skydive, you probably have already negotiated a volume discount with your local ER..

This podcast covers some essential elements of our surprise billing solution. Examples:

  • Why only emergencies?
  • Why does this solution not work in some free-standing ERs…but works in others?
  • Why do we set the consent at 2x Medicare instead of 1x or 3x?

Here it is. Have at it! 

PS As long as you are going to be downloading useful tools into your Apple Wallet, might as well add these 5 Questions to Ask a Doctor before any test or procedure.



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