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“A workplace wellness skeptic lets loose.”

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Insurance Thought Leadership (ITL) has now picked up the thread.  This will likely reach a lot more brokers and consultants.

As usual, I would like to caution that I am not a “workplace wellness skeptic.” There are some programs that have value — typically they are the ones validated by the Validation Institute. We also support “wellness done for employees rather than wellness done to employees.”

Nor are we anti-screening. We are only against inappropriate screening, which is bread-and-butter for many vendors.  We are also against stupidity, dishonesty, abuse of employees. and force-feeding of broccoli. All of this puts us at odds with the Interactive Healths, Wellsteps, Goetzels and other actors in this field.

This interview has been insanely popular. I suspect it’s because I finally “let loose,” as the ITL headline says.  Taking appellations and kicking posteriors.

So if you haven’t already read it, now is your chance…


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