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Surprise bills meet COVID: What you need to know

Do you know whether heartburn pills are safe for long-term use?

Ooooh….yikes. We just did a webinar on this very topic, with Dave Chase and Doug Aldeen. And you missed it. We know what it feels like to miss things.

So, there is a reprise, covering surprise medical bills and COVID, being offered next Thursday, at 2 PM EDT, by our friends at a wellness company called Wellable. Yes, I know it seems out-of-character for us to use the phrase “our friends at a wellness company,” but there are plenty of upstanding wellness companies that we are thrilled to be associated with, like US Preventive Medicine, with whom we may do a joint webinar this summer.

Indeed many stranger things have happened. Case in point: Ron Goetzel himself — the very same Ron Goetzel who we have blown the whistle on multiple times — once publicly gave Quizzify a shout-out as being “lots of fun and very clever.”  That was before he tried walk it back, like in this Seinfeld episode. 

So what’s going on here?

No, we haven’t all just entered this.

Nor have pods taken over our bodies. (Though I suspect, if pods had taken over our bodies, they wouldn’t admit it.)

Quite the opposite, we find common ground with almost any ethical, competent company in this field, of which Wellable is one.

We invite you to join their webinar and look forward to answering your questions.

Spoiler alert: we have figured out how to solve your surprise bill problem, for most non-elective situations, by combining Marty Makary’s “battlefield consent” with reference-based pricing. You can implement this solution very easily. 

No need to take our word for this. Our solution was featured in the New York Times.

Seats are limited, so register as fast as you can…



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